All visitors have to follow our two basic rules



Everything what you bring to the forest you have to take out of the forest

That means that every litter or garbage for example plastic waste etc. you bring with you to the places we go, you are responsible to take away from the nature and dispose it correctly.




Everything what is in the forest will stay in the forest

That means that our guests are not allowed to take any animals, plants or whatever out of the forest. We will strictly act against any re-offending and report any case to the local authorities

Our target is to protect the fragil nature. We would love to show you the incredible diversity of the Colombian rainforests, breathtaking landscapes and the rich culture and friendly peoples. Please help us that upcoming travelers will find a less touched nature as possible. Illegal animal traficking, illegal gold mining and deforestation is threatening the nature a lot. We, nature loving tourists, wont be part of the sad processes which are going on. Please respect our basic rules or leave this page immediatelly.


All others we will give a warm welcome for a non forgettable time of their lives in between the wonders of the Colombian wilderness





Good 2 know

Tour difficulties


Like a sunday walk in a park


Regular walk with light ups and downs


harder terrain with stalls and longer walks

Xtra Strong

for visitor with experience and good physical fitness. Walks for many hours


only for visitors with extended experience and good physical fitness. Long and hard walks for many hours

Before my travel


Colombia is reachabel by the most major airlines. Depending which nationality you are, Colombia has different rules to enter. Please take a look at the web pages of your national Department of State before you travel. To get the informations you may need.


Also we recommend to check the actual health recommendations and safety warnings. Normally you also can find these informations on the webpages of your Department of State.



What do i need


the most important thing is please bring as less as possible and as much as it is important. Keep in mind that your andventure is an adventure. So you will be in the middle of nowhere to see your beloved frogs. Depending on your travel plans, it is possible that you wont have electricity for some days. So better bring some more batteries for your camera. Depending on your season of the travel





In Colombia you will pay with Colombian Pesos (COP). Foreign currencies are not accepted. Currency exchange is possible in all international Airports i.e. Bogota, Medellin, Cali. Please keep in mind - Banks are not changing currencies. So please change your money in the airport on arrival.


Colombia has a wide network of electronic cash machines. With mayor credit cards like Visa and Mastercard you can pick up cash as you may need. Due to safety reasons we recommend only have the minimum of cash with you you may need. Dont walk with all your money in the pockets.






Valle de Cauca